Here is a list of best resources to get you started with learning how to code (mostly related to Web Development). Feel free to add your favorite resources as well and help others in their journey of learning.

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Resources from the Zero to Mastery Junior to Senior Roadmap Course


SSH Command for Windows

Asymmetric Encryption

Here are some additional videos on asymmetric encryption if you’d like to learn more:

SSH Into A Server

For Windows: ssh-keygen command Learn more about ssh-keygen Using PuTTYgen on Windows pbcopy command

Performance Part 1

Image File Formats

Performance Tools

  1. View main thread activities in a table to sort activities based on which ones took up the most time.
  2. Analyze frames per second (FPS) to measure whether your animations truly run smoothly.
  3. Monitor CPU usage, JS heap size, DOM nodes, layouts per second, and more in real-time with the Performance Monitor.
  4. Capture screenshots while recording to play back exactly how the page looked while the page loaded, or an animation fired, and so on.
  5. View interactions to quickly identify what happened on a page after a user interacted with it.
  6. Find scroll performance issues in real-time by highlighting the page whenever a potentially problematic listener fires.
  7. View paint events in real-time to identify costly paint events that may be harming the performance of your animations.
  8. View main thread activity to view every event that occurred on the main thread while you were recording.

Other Resources:

Additional image manipulation tools

React + Redux + Module Bundling

Performance Part 2



SPA vs Server-Side Rendering


Code Analysis



Sessions + JWT


Performance Part 3